Student Congress


Student Congress strives to create a place for students who are interested in politics and debate to learn and further improve their public speaking skills through Congressional Style debate. Our team travels to the Arkansas Communications and Theatre Arts Association’s (ACTAA) Student Congress tournament every fall in an effort for students to write mock legislation, write and give speeches, interact with other students who have similar interests from both UARK and around the state, and further gain skills useful to their daily lives. These include critical thinking, teamwork, time management, and being aware of current events to name a few! If you dream of working in Congress or government,or just love to debate and make new friends, this is the organization for you! 


To engage in critical thinking, education, and teamwork through healthy debate and to introduce political topics and systems, especially the Congressional System modeled off our own federal government! 


Congressional Debate, Politics, Advocacy, Public Speaking, Career and Personal Development. 


Any University of Arkansas Student!

Membership Dues

Roughly $115 to cover competition and travel fees to the ACTAA Student Congress in Little Rock, AR in early November. (This will likely change due to Covid-19, which if so there should be little to no membership dues and we will shift to on campus/digital debating events!)