The Legal, Political, Advocacy and Communication Coalition aims to connect campus leaders to boost communication, coordination and collaboration across campus to increase membership recruitment, engagement, and retention.


We will attempt to consolidate duplicate efforts to maximize the impact of each occasion. Sharing schedules will allow organizations to avoid scheduling over each other.


Organization leaders will join an initial meeting prior to the start of the academic year to share their respective plans and goals for the upcoming year. This includes physical and digital recruitment efforts, meeting dates, trips, conferences, and events.

LPACC will host subsequent meetings throughout the academic year and create a group message to allow for further discussion between the organization leaders.


If inclined, organization leaders will look for other members of LPACC to co-sponsor events. Active participation from multiple organizations creates a wider reach into the community, creating more recognition for each organization moving forward. This also allows each member of LPACC to host multiple well-funded events per quarter, cutting the cost of operation.

Collaborating with other organizations will undoubtedly help with recruiting, engaging and retaining members. Hosting a variety of events with different groups allows organizations to reach students who may have been previously unaware of the existence of that organization. 

Collaboration also improves the reputation and legitimacy of the organization. Any group consistently hosting top-grade events will be correctly assessed as an active and purposeful–and therefore worthwhile–organization to join. Each event can become an annual tradition, something which students look forward to attending. Groups become accredited after establishing long-term traditions that show consistent pursuit of their stated mission.

Hosting more events opens up more opportunities for internal leadership. This encourages organizations to engage their membership with hands-on participation in the planning and execution of each event. Members with a vested interest in the success of their organization create a culture of ownership, leading to a stronger work ethic and a higher level of satisfaction with the final product.


The Office of Financial Affairs (OFA) Board grants organizations event funding up to four times per academic year. Unfortunately, the guidelines of the OFA Board can be confusing and overly complex, resulting in rejected budgets and cancelled events. The LPACC helps member groups navigate the rules surrounding this application process to make it as intuitive as possible. 

Additionally, co-sponsoring events with other organizations allows groups to go beyond their four event cap if executed properly. This allows for diversified programming and permeation into the community


LPACC will be open to all organizations with an interest in the fields of law, politics, advocacy or communication. Each organization will retain full autonomy over its operations. Membership will be free.